Helping bring your brand to the next level and showcasing its expertise are my priorities.
You are unique and your ideal clients need to see that!

Because your pictures
tell your story

They want to know who you are, what you do and what you stand for.
They want to engage with you (social medias help a lot for that!)
Your ideal clients are trying to find you to work with you! Sharing images representing your business and creations which fit with your identity is key.

Your clients want to know you and connect

"I had a fantastic experience working with Laure. Her talent and eye for details provided my personal brand company, Verbatim Financial, with excellent photos for branding, website and social media use, etc.
Highly recommended"

John Stoj - Financial Advisor

"I had a fantastic experience"


You can't do with your old headshots anymore and spending 30 minutes everyday searching your photo library is not an option. 
You need a variety of images that you can post on a regular basis.
I am talented at making you look natural and showing who you are through images, even if you usually feel awkward in front of a camera! 

You need unique and purposeful visuals to market your business

I'm here to help you build a personalized brand you are proud that will drive profit.
I'm Laure, the women behind the camera. I'm a French, Atlanta based, photographer.
Bringing unique visions and purposeful stories to life to attract your dream clients is what drives me and my business!

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Welcome, I'm Laure your Atlanta brand photographer!


Instead of spending time you don't have on taking no so good selfies, I will provide you with weeks of personalized  and unique images.
You will use them for any kind of communication: website, brochures, social medias, events...

Get your time back

Your pictures will tell stories to share with your clients.
They will focus on your personality and messages, visually showing your own unique brand which sets you apart and makes you attractive.
Wherever you need me (your office, home, trip, event...), I will help you get weeks worth of images that will help you grow your personal brand business.

Your pictures will tell your story

Get months worth of social media images in ONE session so you can focus on growing your business and enjoying your family & friends!

"Laure is incredibly talented and the photographs are light-filled gorgeous.
She is calm, knowledgable and an expert at making you feel comfortable and getting your photo shoot just right to meet your vision.
She's wonderful!"

Courtney Norton - Lawyer and Author

"Just right to meet your vision"


My personal branding sessions, are built on strategy. We will first determine the disconnect between where you currently stand and where you want to be.
Then, together, we will define the goals and plan for your session.
I will audit all your platforms (website, social medias, communications...) to tailor unique storylines for you.

After you receive your cohesive images through an online private gallery, it is time to use and share them everywhere! They will help you illustrate your expertise and unique message to expand and grow your brand!





Show off your uniqueness

On your shoot day, we will divide our time between the various storylines we selected.
You will just have to follow my lead! I want you to enjoy the experience and have fun.
We will create months of content for any kind of communication you may need.

A few of my past clients