BRANDING sessions


"I had a fantastic experience working with Laure. Her talent and eye for details provided my personal brand company, Verbatim Financial, with excellent photos for branding, website and social media use, etc.
Highly recommended"

John Stoj - Finance Advisor


"I had a fantastic experience"

"Laure is incredibly talented and the photographs are light-filled gorgeous.
She is calm, knowledgable and an expert at making you feel comfortable and getting your photo shoot just right to meet your vision.
She's wonderful!"

Courntey Norton - Lawyer & Author


"Just right to meet your vision"

"I hired Laure because I didn't want to use stock pictures anymore. I needed personalized images that represented our expertise and unique way of working.
She came to my office and photographed our entire staff, space and behind the scene moments. The photos are WONDERFUL.
Laure is easy to work with and the photos were definitely great for our business.
I am so glad I found her and I will definitely be using her again!

"Definitely great for our business"


Dr Erin Rellinger - Audiologist