I'm a French, Atlanta based, brand photographer.
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and with a business school education, I am passionate about meeting small business owners from various industries. Bringing unique visions and stories to life to attract your dream clients is what drives me and my business.

I will help you all the way!
I will not just show up and shoot, I want to know all about you, your business and your needs before our session.
My pictures will represent your expertise, fit with your identity and emotionally engage with your audience.
You are unique and your dream clients need to see that!

Together we will have an amazing and tailored experience while saving you time to focus on your business!

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Welcome, I'm Laure

About me, your brand photographer

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My essentials

I always have a ton of business project ideas! Prioritizing them is a challenge... 


Waking early in the morning (well not that early!) helps me clarify what are my priorities for the day.

Morning Walk 

I don't really have a sweet tooth but I can't say "No" to chocolate!

Chocolate :)

Yes please! But always warn and before 3pm, I need my beauty sleep... :)

Coffee & coffee

Born and raised in Paris, this city will always be home!
Often visiting family and friends and having my children discover the city is important to me.


Not that difficult to achieve with my 3 clowns-kids or is it kids-clowns?!

A daily laugh

"Laure is incredibly talented and the photographs are light-filled gorgeous.
She is calm, knowledgable and an expert at making you feel comfortable and getting your photo shoot just right to meet your vision.
She's wonderful!"

Courntey Norton - Lawyer & Author


"Just right to meet your vision"

"I had a fantastic experience working with Laure. Her talent and eye for details provided my personal brand company, Verbatim Financial, with excellent photos for branding, website and social media use, etc.
Highly recommended"

John Stoj - Finance Advisor


"I had a fantastic experience"

"I hired Laure because I didn't want to use stock pictures anymore. I needed personalized images that represented our expertise and unique way of working.
She came to my office and photographed our entire staff, space and behind the scene moments. The photos are WONDERFUL.
Laure is easy to work with and the photos were definitely great for our business.
I am so glad I found her and I will definitely be using her again!

"Definitely great for our business"


Dr Erin Rellinger - Audiologist

"Laure is a great photographer! I worked with her to develop some professional branding shots for my website, social media, and other digital content (e.g. online course).

Laure helped me think through the best shots to take and prepare for the day, and also helped me think through how to coordinate bringing some friends along for some business meeting shots.

I now have some amazing photos I can use for the website, which I think will go a long way to help promote my work and business. A huge thanks!

"Definitely great for our business"


Andrew Reynalds - Consultant

In the power of daily
little joys such as
coffee, quote, laugh, walk...

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable

Your photography experience should be as unique as your images

You have to try otherwise you might regret it

I believe: